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Bruce Harris & Associates, Inc. is a professional mapping company providing clients throughout the United States with an award winning, state of the art Paperless Reappraisal Systems, Parcel Fabric Conversions, ArcGIS Online Implementation, Enterprise GIS Solutions, GIS and CAMA Integration, GIS Web Solutions utilizing the latest Esri technology, Web Enabled GIS Solutions, Parcel Mapping Maintenance, GIS Implementation, CAUV Comprehensive Farmland Assessment Services and a Customized Suite of Advanced ArcGIS Editing Tools (MapAscend) that enhances the clients’ ability to make parcel map changes easily and efficiently. Our firm provides GIS solutions that fulfill the mapping requirements of both government agencies and the private sector.


Bruce Harris & Associates, Inc. is excited to announce the release of the Paperless Reappraisal System. The Paperless Reappraisal System (PRS) is a GIS driven workflow management, data collection, data review, quality control, and business analysis solution for Property Appraisers. The goal of the system is to eliminate the need for paper by creating a completely digital product, and leverage GIS functionality to improve appraisal efficiency. Highlights include: quality control of CAMA data, controlled field visits by organizing parcels into efficient routes; eliminate unnecessary visits by inspecting properties via digital means; track revision history and changes for quality control purposes; and provide real-time thematic maps and reports. Find us the ArcGIS Marketplace.